So what’s our strategy here? I’m thinking maybe we could do the whole thing in character.

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"The Police say the fire was accidental."

Oh. Riiiiight. The Police. The Ferguson Police. The Police who stepped on and let their dogs urinate on the Mike Brown Memorial. The Ferguson Police who covered up Mike Brown’s shooting, the Police who started martial law and shot rubber and wood bullets into crowds of peaceful protestors. The Ferguson Police. That Police??? I DUNNOOOOOO.

I have to admit, a certain degree of cynicism applies here.

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omg let me love you..

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Bastian Schweinsteiger, captain of German National Team, will miss two qualifying games in October against Poland and Ireland

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Here’s an idea


In celebration of Bisexual Awareness Day, reblog this with 3-5 characters you headcanon as bi!

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the world is right again




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that is our building
and we sell paper

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